Wenzhou Huanqiu Car Air Cushion Co., Ltd

Our company was founded in 1989, formerly known as Wenzhou City, the global car liner plant, is specialized in producing automotive interior parts and insulation materials of the joint-stock enterprises. The company's old factory is located in Wenzhou City, before the flower industrial area


Hefei Feili Auto Parts Co., Ltd

Hefei Feili Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a member of Global (Wenzhou) Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Group, which invested in Hefei in 2008 and incorporated in 2009.


Shanghai Feili Global Auto Parts Co., Ltd

Shanghai Feili Global Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a private joint-stock enterprises, Wenzhou City is the global automobile liner Co., Ltd. wholly-owned plant. The factory specializes in the production of automobile sound insulation pads, automotive interior parts and


Wuhan Xinhuanqiu automotive interior parts Ltd

Wuhan New Global Automotive Interior Parts Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, Wenzhou Global Group Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary, the company is located in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, close to Shenlong Automobile, Dongfeng


Wenzhou Huanqiu Group, headquartered in Sanxi Industrial Park, Ouhai District, Wenzhou, is a leading enterprise in China producing automotive pads. It has set up branch companies respectively in Shanghai, Wuhan, Wuhu, Hefei, Baoding and Changchun, as well as a Technical R&D Center in Shanghai. At present, the company mainly produces automobile interior trim parts, automobile sound and heat insulation pads, automobile wheel hubs and automobile appliances. In addition, the company also has advanced production lines introduced from Germany...(More+)

Maserati SUV or will be named Cinqueporte
Maserati will launch a future SUV into this never involved in the field, at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show, this concept car is also officially unveiled, and recently according to overseas media news, the new car or will be named "Cinqueporte". At the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Maserati SUV concept car called "Kubang", which is a word from Indonesia. According to overseas media reports, "Kubang" mass production or will be named "Cinqueporte". "Cinqueporte" has recently appeared in the Maserati patent application in Europe. In Italian, "Cinqueporte" means 5 doors, which has the same beauty as the president's name - Quattroporte means four doors. According to Maserati official said the car in the shape design, power, suspension, braking, control and performance will continue Maserati consistent style. The engine is provided by the Ferrari, a Ferrari from the 4.7L V8 engine is expected to carry the future will also be equipped with 8-speed automatic transmission.  
2017 annual sales conference
In mid November, global group held the second sales conference of this year. The meeting was co hosted by Mr. Zhang Chenyi, President, Mr. Zhang Junguang, vice president, and Mr. Li Wenliang, deputy director of sales. Through this meeting, the deputy director of sales elaborated the outline of the group's new customer strategy and product strategy, and analyzed the sales related problems. The sales situation of each branch company in the first three quarters of 17 years was reviewed. The person in charge of Deheng laboratory and technical center was invited to attend and gave special explanation on strategic products and laboratories. The president, vice president and honorary chairman delivered important speeches successively, which further clarified the future sales objectives, strategic methods and matters needing attention of global group. The meeting was a complete success.  

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