Wenzhou Huanqiu Auto-liner Co.,Ltd



Wenzhou Xufeng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was established on the basis of the original Wenzhou Global No. 1 Business Division, focusing on the development and production of sunroof visor products.


Zhonghuan Zhichuang Company was established, which mainly focuses on the development and production of automotive TBOX, automotive interior atmosphere lights and LED module products.


Zhejiang Feili Global Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was established to support Volvo, SAIC General Motors, SAIC Passenger Car and other oems.


Established Chongqing Global Feili Automotive Interior Parts Co., LTD., and launched local supporting facilities for customers such as SAic-GM-Wuling Chongqing Base and BAIC Yinxiang.


In Shanghai to establish a modern standard of the third party testing institutions - Shanghai Deheng, and obtained the national laboratory CNAS accreditation and a number of main engine factory laboratory accreditation.


Sichuan New Global Auto Interior Parts Co., LTD was established to provide on-site support for Chengdu plant of Shenlong Automobile and Chengdu plant of Geely Automobile.