Wenzhou Huanqiu Auto-liner Co.,Ltd

Lean Engineer (Industrial Engineer)

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for guiding production engineers to improve the application of lean production knowledge and tools;

2. Lead key improvement projects, organize and coordinate resources of all departments to achieve improvement goals;

3. Participate in promoting and assisting lean production improvement projects and activities of all departments;

4. Participate in or lead the lean production related knowledge training of each department;

5. Guide and train each department to finish lean production improvement project independently;

6. Establish and improve the 5S management system and system documents of the company and promote the implementation;

7. According to the operation of production equipment, upgrade or update the equipment to improve production efficiency;

8. Committed to the whole company lean production culture promotion;


1. College degree or above, major in engineering is preferred;

2. Proficient in lean production knowledge and tools, familiar with 5S;

3. Rich experience in organizing and leading lean production improvement projects;

4. This position is suitable for business trip;

Reserve cadres

Job responsibilities:

1、 Assist the Department Manager in some work assigned;


1. College degree or above, major in mechanical and electrical integration, metrology;

2. Familiar with 3D CATIA and 2D CAD software;

3. Have a sense of responsibility, work with principles;

4. Quality related knowledge, such as QC seven techniques, etc;

Output direction: R & D technicians, process technicians, quality related personnel.


Contact:Ms. Su